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Maryland Marriages 1634-1777, Barnes, 1978

  Manokin Presbyterian Church(Somerset Co.);  Original register
        1737-1964 stored at Hall of Records, Annapolis
    Denwood m. 8/31/1758 Margaret Skirvin  (p161?)

Fayette Co., KY Marr. 1795-1814  (SLFHL 0851645)

x 3/30/1806     William Chapman + Sarah Skirvin by A. Bainbridge
x 2/27/1806     John Shervin <sic> + Eve Sinnet by A. Bainbridge

Fayette Co., KY Marr. Bond Transcripts
1803-1814  (SLFHL 0851645)

x 6/30/1804     Absalom Skirvin+Sarah Harrison; bndsman: John Henry;
                  Consent: Tohomas<sic> Harrison
x 3/29/1806     William Chapman+Sarah Skirvin; bndsman: John Skirvin;
                  John Skirvin, father
x 2/26/1806     John Skervin+Eve Sinnet; bndsman: James Rimmington;  Mary
                  Smith, aunt; Wit: Jacob Kizer

Gallatin Co., KY Index to Marr. "S" 1799-1911  (SLFHL 0509034)
        (only copied through 1851)

  2/63  1820    Skirvin, William + Bethleham W.<sic> Smith
  2/136 1833    Skervin, Robert + Julian Castleman
  2/137 1833    Skirvin, Arrow<Arron?> + Louisa Skirvin
  2/198 1847    Skirvin, Alfred + Elizabeth Castleman
  2/218 1851    Skirvin, Daniel + Jane Conyers
  4/5 1820<sic> Skirvin, William + Bethleham M.<sic> Smith

Gallatin Co., KY Marr. Registers v1-4 1799-1914  (SLFHL 0509036)

  10/31/1851    Skirvin, Daniel + Jane Conyers by Benjamin Tiller, Elder +
                        Evangelist in the Church of Jesus Christ in Warsaw,
                        Gallatin Co., KY

Gallatin Co., KY Marr. Bonds 1839-1851  (SLFHL 0509045)

  10/31/1851    Skirvin, Daniel + Jane Conyers;  bm. Thomas Thompson who swore
                        as to the age of Jane Conyers

Gallatin Co. Marriages-Bonds-Consents  1799-1835  (KY Anc., various issues)

(KY Anc. Vol.14#4 April 1979)
Nichols,Reuben+Nancy Skervin m. 4/19/1827 by David Lillard;
   Bond 3/6/1827;  Consent 3/6/1827  My dau. Nancy Skervin,
   signed Clayton Skervin

Roe(Ros?),John+Louisa Skervin m. 11/13/1833 by Joseph Crouch;
   Bond 11/11/1833;  Consent 11/9/1833  My dau. Louisey Clayton Skirvin

(KY Anc. Vol.15#1 July 1979)
Skervin,Robert L.+Juliana Castleman m. 5/22/1833 by Joseph Crouch;
   Bond 5/21/1833;  Consent 5/19/1833  My dau. Juliana, signed John
   Castleman;  Consent 5/19/1833  My son Robert, signed Clayton Skervin

Skirvin, Wm.+Betheiheim Watts Smith, dau. of Augustin Smith m. 9/19/1820
   by James Medley;  Bond 9/19/1820;  Consent 9/19/1820  Augustin Smith

Grant Co., Kentucky Marriage Register 1820-1854  (SLFHL 0266219)

find Parker Thompson+Arminta Skirvin ca 1830
  11   8/27/1827  Enoch Skirvin+Delilah Huffman by Joshua Jones, M.G.
  13    6/3/1828  Nathan Skirvin+Mariah Bambgardner by James Williams
  14   10/1/1829  Spencer R. Meltan+Elizabeth Skirvin by William Coonrod
  22   7/11/1832  Wm Skirvin+Sarah Roland by Wm Conrad
  22   9/25/1833  John Skirvin+Polley Ann Bingham by Wm. Conrad
  31   3/28/1838  Wm H. Carter+Emaline Skirvin by Wm. Conrad
       1/13/1840  Isaac R. Schench+Sophia Skirvin by J. Jones
       2/25/1841  Thomas Harris+Sophea Skirvin by W. Tucker
       12/6/1842  Joel Skirvin+Elizabeth Glasscock by Wm. Conrad
       4/29/1847  John Carnes+Sarah Jane Skirvin by Wm. Conrad
       1/31/1850  Joseph Ford+Mary L. Skirvin by J.W. Lee

Grant Co., KY Marr. Reg. 1854-1890

    2/7/1854  John Skirvin+Elizabeth C. Williams by W.H. Barnett
                at James Williams'
   12/3/1856  Daniel Skirvin+Nancy Hicks (lic. only)
   10/6/1861  D.L. Osburn+Elizabeth Skirvin by John W. Lee
                at Harrison Skirvin's; witn by W.R. Osborne+W.? C. Skirvin
   1/12/1862  Fell Hutchison+Louisa Skirvin by B.S. Grezel at Joel Skirvin's;  Wit: W.T. Cook, Daniel Skirvin, +
                J. Fell Linn
   2/15/1866  Cornelius Skirvin+Mary Ann Lafferty by Elijah Billiter
                at Thomas Carter's; witn: Thomas Carter+Thomas Cook

Grant Co., KY Marr. Bonds 1832-1838 (Film 0266220)

 6/25/1832  William Skirvin+Jacob Roland;  William Skirvin+Sarah Roland
 9/25/1833  John Skirvin+Asa Vallandingham;
                          John Skirvin+Polly Ann Bingham
 3/27/1838  William Harrison Carter+Joel Skirvin;
                          William H. Carter+Emaline Skirvin
                 Absalom Skirvin gives consent for dau. Emaline Skirvin

Grant Co., KY Marr. Bonds 1838-1847 (SLFHL 0266220)

 1/13/1840  Isaac V. Schench+E.T.W. Ellis;
                          Isaac V. Schench+Sophiah Skirvin
 2/22/1841  Thomas Harris+Parker Thompson;  Thomas Harris+Sophia Skirvin
11/16/1842  Joel Skirvin+John L. Glasscock;
                          Joel Skirvin+Elizabeth G. Glasscock
 4/19/1847  John Carnes+Wm. Skirvin;  John Carnes+Sarah Jane Skirvin

Grant Co., KY Marr. Bonds 1847-1855 (SLFHL 0266220)

 1/28/1850  Joseph Foree+E.J. Green;  Joseph Foree+Mary L. Skirvin
  2/6/1854  John Skirvin+Thomas A. Hawkins;
                          John Skirvin+Elizabeth C. Williams

Grant Co., KY Marr. Bonds  (SLFHL 0266221)
 12/3/1856  Daniel Skirvin + H.L. Skirvin;  Daniel Skirvin + Nancy Hicks;
                A certificate from the mother of the within named lady
                Nancy Hicks was produced + proven by the oath of H.L. Skirvin
                attesting witness present who seen Roan Roland + Martha Hicks
                attest the same.

Abstracted County Court Records, Grant, Harrison,
Pendleton Cos., KY, Vol. VII
        by Janet K. Pease, Grant Co., KY, Williamstown, KY, 1990.

Bond, Bond Book 1860-1867, p57, 10 Dec 1860:
  Skirvin, Nancy + George Burns;  bm. Thomas H. Young.
Marr rec: not recorded.

Harrison Co., KY Marr. Index  (SLFHL 0216877)

  rec.  license     marriage
   no.  issued

x  796  2/19/1812    blank    Davis, William + Skirvin, Polly
   808  4/18/1812  4/19/1812  Bruce, John + Remington, Mary by John Connor
x 1071   2/6/1816   2/6/1816  Skirvin, George + Smith, Elizabeth by John R. Moreland
  1230  1/29/1818    blank    Hutcherson, Charles C. + Remington, Susan
  1231  1/30/1818  1/30/1818  Tomlinson, James + Remington, Susan by John Connor
  1457 12/18/1820 12/19/1820  Murphy, Thomas + Remington, Malinda by John R. Moreland
  1990   2/7/1826   2/9/1826  Remington, Greenup + Hamilton, Sarah by D.D. Dyche
  2012  4/20/1826  4/20/1826  Bell, James + Remington, Eliza by D.D. Dyche
  2287  1/20/1829  1/20/1829  Skirvin, William + Remington, Mahala by George Marshall
  2773   6/9/1834  6/12/1834  Skirvin, Harrison + Mozee, Sally by Thomas Barlow
  3919 11/24/1846    blank    Skirvin, Daniel + Courtney, Berzilla

Harrison Co., KY  Marr. Bonds 3663-4217  (SLFHL 0216886)

3919  11/24/1846  Daniel Skirvin + David Cooke;  Daniel Skirvin
                        + Miss Berzilla Courtney;  No marr. return.
                  Memo: His age sworn to and her age proven by the oath of
                        Cooke 11/24/1846.

Owen Co., KY Marr. Bonds 1836-1840  (SLFHL 0272772)

488  5/10/1840  Roan Roland+R.N. Roland;  Roan Roland+Mary Ann Skirvan
     (date?)      John Skirvan gives consent for daughter Mary Ann 5/12/1840
581  2/11/1837  John G. Skirvan+John Whitaker; John Skirvin+Cornelia Whitaker

Owen Co., KY Marr. Bonds 1849-1853  (SLFHL 0272775, SJFHC 5284)

5     5/31/1849  Jacob Skirvan+Rowan Roland;  Jacob Skirvin+Catharin Hicks
93    5/17/1851  Thomas Yancey+W.T. Foster;  Thomas Yancey+Emily Skirvin
118  12/31/1851  Henderson Miller+John Skirvin;  Henderson Miller+Mary Skirvin

Owen Co., KY Marr. Bonds 1859-1863(sec. actually covers into 1865)
        (SLFHL 0272775)

17    3/31/1859  Daniel Skirvin+R.S. Smith;  Daniel Skirvin+N.J. Smith

Owen Co., KY Recorded Marriage Certificates 1819-1852
        (SLFHL 0272769, SJFHC 5237)

163  Jacob Skirvin + Catherine Hicks 5/31/1849 by Cornelius Duvall
188  Henderson Miller + Mary Skirvan 12/31/1851 by F. Rees

Owen Co., KY Marr. Cert. 1852-1863  (SLFHL 0272769)

 70  William Wright(19) + Martha Skirvan(18) 9/12/1854 by Benjamin Reed
page numbering ends here

     William C. Skirvin(24,b. Gallatin Co.) + Clarissee Wilson(26) 6/27/1858
        by B. Garnett(Baptist)
     Dan Skirvin + N.J. Smith 3/31/1859[ages not given] by James Williams
     Jeptha Skirvin(25,Grant)+Nancy P. Partton(21) 3/28/1860
        by J.M. Theobald(Baptist)

Owen Co., KY Marr. Cert. 1856-1858  (SLFHL 0272774)
   (Film actually contains some records to 1861)

 54  6/27/1858  William C. Skirvin(24,Gallatin Co.)+Clarissa Wilson(26)

Owen Co., KY Marr. Bonds  (SLFHL 0272775)

     3/31/1859  Daniel Skirvin + N.J. Smith;  bm. R.S. Smith;
                        [Note: signature of Daniel Skirvin matches on all
                         marriage bonds]

Pendleton Co., KY Marriage Index 1799-1962 (SLFHL 0272797)

  license    marriage   file/  vol page
  issued               doc.no.

12/26/1807  12/27/1807  1/145   1   19  Clark, James + Skirvin, Nancy
  6/9/1817   6/12/1817   3/12   1   65  Skirvin, Joel + Harrison, Polly
 2/14/1820   2/14/1820  3/137   1  105  Lawless, John + Skirvin, Peggy

Pendleton Co., KY  Marriage Bonds  1799-1809  (SLFHL 0272802)

330  12/26/1807  James Clark+Moses Holaday;  James Clark+Nancy Skirvin;
                        Cons: 12/23/1807 John Skirvin gives consent for dau.
                        Nancy to marry James Clark;  Wit: Moses Holaday +
                        James Remonton.

Pendleton Co., KY  Marriage Bonds  1810-1815  (SLFHL 0272802)

 99   6/26/1811  Consent notes for marriage of Elijah Owens+Polly
                        Hendricks;  Wit: Daniel Harrison, Absalom Skirvin,
                        Sary Skirvin.

Grant Co. KY Births 1852-1859,1904,1907  (SLFHL 0216824)

11/15/1852  Thomas Skirvin  M       Wm Skirvin, Mahala Remmington
  3/6/1853  Wm H. Skirvin   M       Wm Skirvin, Mahalee [last name not given]
 7/29/1855  Robt. L. Skirvin M      Joel Skirvin, Sarah Craig

Grant Co., KY Deaths 1854-57,1859-60,1904  (SLFHL 0216824)

11/15/1852  Dan. H. Skirvin  50 days   M  child     Jacob Skirvin
  3/4/1853  Wm H. Skirvin    4  M r.+b.Grant Co.  Wm+Mahala Skirvin
  2/3/1855  Jane Skirvin     34 F r.+b.Grant Co.  Jno.+Elisth. Conyers burnt

Cemeteries of Adams Co. (IL), Vol. IV, Gilmer-Honey Creek-Keene-Houston
Townships, Great River Genealogical Society, Quincy, IL, 1989.

p33, Lot 5
  Lawless, John      d. 5/3/1865    age 69y 10m 23d
           Margaret  d. 11/20/1868  age 68y 11m 10d, wife of John Lawless

Grant Co., Kentucky Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol. II (SLFHL 0530368)

Skirvin Cem., Osborne Road, near Dry Ridge
3    Joel Skirvin/b.(illegible)/d. June 26, 1861

Carter Cem., Osborne Road, near Dry Ridge
3    Cornelius Skirvin/b. March 20, 1844/d. Jan 26, 1892
4    Aminty/wife of Parker Thompson/d. July 18, 1892/age 84y2m21d
     Parker Thompson/d. Sep 30, 1884/age 77y7m15d
     Emeline/Wife of W.H. Carter/b. Apr 11, 1817/d. Sep 6, 1864
     W.H.H. Carter/1814-1905

Williamstown Cem. (SLFHL 0530369)
     Skirvin/A.F./1858-1942/Susan E./1866-1925
57   Mary Ann Skirvin/1844-1919
     Alexander Skirvin/1843-1913
        Jennie Skirvin/Nov. 25, 1853/Jan. 1, 1944

The Williamstown Cem., Vol. 1, Virgil Chandler, Sr., Williamstown, KY,
        The Grant Co. Hist. Soc., 1987.

x Skirvin, A.P.         1858-1942
x Skirvin, Susan E.     1866-1925

Grant Co. Cemeteries, Vol. 3, Virgil Chandler, Sr., Williamstown, KY.
        The Grant Co. Hist. Soc., 1988.

"Old Skirvin Family Graveyard", p40
Located about 1.6 miles from KY 22 on the Warsaw Rd.

x Skirvin, Mahala   10/24/1808 - 4/25/1875
x Skirvin, William  5/15/1803 - 6/3/1873

Old Skirvin Family Graveyard
        [Personally read inscriptions.  Have photographs.  Note the
         difference in dates from Chandler's book.]

William Skirvin/Born/May 18, 1803/Died/Jan. 5, 1872
Mahala/wife of William Skirvin/born/Oct. 24, 1808/died/Apr 25, 1875

Obit. of A.P. Skirvin
        Grant Co. News, Fri, Nov 13, 1942, information from Tom Hutzelman

   A.P. Skirvin, 84 years of age, retired farmer, died at the residence of his
daughter, Mrs. Garvey Fortner at Cross Roads, Nov 8th after an illness of 3
weeks.  The deceased was a large land owner and one of the country's most
successful farmers during the active years of his life.  He was a member of
the Grassy Run Baptist Church.  Last rites were held from the Lawrenceville
Baptist Church at 11 o'clock Nov 11th by Rev. Forest Taylor, interment was in
the Williamstown Cemetery by Elliston & Stanley.
   Survivors are his daughter, Mrs. Fortner; a half brother Alonzo Burns of
Holbrook; and the following grandchildren: Sanford Fortner, Erlanger; Charles
Fortner, Cross Roads; Robert Fortner, Covington;  Mrs. Woodrow Knight of
Covington; and a great-great-granddaughter(sic) Sue Ellen Knight.

Index to Kentucky Wills to 1851, The Testators

x Skirven, John Sen.            Grant   A  370  1832

Gallatin Co., KY Will Book G  (SLFHL 0509027)

p49.  Will of Clayton Skirvin;  3/1/1868 prb. 10/19/1868;  Wife Rebecca
  Rebecca<sic> Skirvin;  dau. Nancy Nichols;  son R.L. Skirvin;  son Joel
  J. Skirvin;  dau. Louisa W. Rowe;  son A.L. Skirvin;  dau. Rebecca J.
  Castleman;  son H.C. Skirvin;  dau. Mary W. Stackhouse;  son W.C. Skirvin;
  Exr: H.C. Skirvin + Wm. C. Skirvin;  Signed Clayton Skirvin;  Wit: James
  Willeford + Robert M. Spencer.

Grant Co., KY  Will Book A  (SLFHL 0266214)

p252.  Sale Bill, Enoch Skirvin's property 10/27/1828.

p369.  Will of John Skirvin, Sr. 10/24/1828
   prb. 5//1832;  Son Clayton + Ablisom<sic> Skirvin shall take charge of
   my wife Mary Ann;  [Have copy of will]

Grant Co., KY  Will Book D  (SLFHL 0266215)

p127.  Settlement of est. of William Hicks/Hix;  4/4/1857;  Catherine Skirvin,
   now the wife of Jacob Skirvin, was the mother of 6 chn by her former
   husband, William Hicks: Martha, Nancy (who lives with her husband Daniel
   Skirvin), Joseph, Roxanna, Samuel, and Sarah E.;  Admr: Thos. Clarke.

Grant Co., KY  Will Book E  (SLFHL 0266215)

p335.  Sale Bill for Joel Skirvin 7/25/1864;
   Mentions Absalom Skirvin.

p453.  Will of Absalom Skirvin;  6/20/1861, cod. 7/31/1865, prb. 12/16/1865;
   Son William, daus. Arminta Thompson, Emeline Carter, grandson Zacharia T.
   Skirvin, sons Harrison, Joel, grandson James Skirvin son of Daniel Skirvin,
   daughter Sophia Harris, son Daniel Skirvin;  Exr: son William Skirvin.

p474.  Sale Bill for Absalom Skirvin 1/2/1866;  Mentions Edward Osborn,
   Alexander Skirwin<sic>, Morgan Simpson besides above.

Owen Co., KY  Will Book D  1847-1858  (SLFHL 0272764)

p384.  Last Will + Testament of Owen Holladay 1/7/1853 prb.2//1853;
  Wife Mary;  His children named but irrelevant to me.

Owen Co., KY  Will Book E  1856-1869  (SLFHL 0272765)

p156.  Last Will + Testament of John Skirvin;  will not dated;
  prb. 8//1859;  Wife Polly Ann;  Son Thomas;  Other heirs William,
  Elizabeth, Susanah, Mary, Ann (Mary Ann?), Harvey C., Martyy, Edward,
  Nathan, William, Enoch, + Jacob;  Wifes dau. Emley<Emby?>;  Signed
  John Skirvin;  Wit: Roan Roland, G.W. OBanion.

Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds, Jillson,  "Court of Appeals Deeds - Grantors"

                      County       date    book page   watercourse
  Skirvin, Robert L.  Gallatin  12/29/1840   27 176    none

Grant Co., KY Deed General Index  Books A-K  1820-1861  (SLFHL 0266205)

z B/96    Skirvin, Joel         to    W.C. Johnson
z B/179         John+Absalom    from  S. McMillan + @
z B/298         Ablsom<sic>     to    John Skirvin
z B/371         John Sr.        to    Absalom Skirvin
z B/430         Clayton(Gallatin Co.)  from  W.C. Johnson
z B/436         John+wf Mary Ann  to  Absalom Skirvin   Relqt.
  B/446         Absalom         to    William Skirvin
  C/147         +Harrison       from  J. OHara
  C/206         Clayton         from  J.C. Brown
  C/387         C.              from  I.B. Dillon + @
  C/487         Wm.             from  J. OHara
  D/77(99?)     A.              from  J. Harrison       POA
  D/227         A.              to    Baptist Church
  D/239         A.              to    R. Fortner
  D/393         A.              from  R.S. Coleman
  D/403         J.              to    Joel Skirvin      mort.
  D/418         A.              from  J. OHara
  D/424         A.              to    O. Fortner
  E/393         Clayton(Gallatin Co.)  from  T. Brown's heirs
x E/472         Joel Skirvin+Lawless  to  C. Skirvin    POA
  E/501         W.              to    M. Theobald       cert.
  F/194         William+wf Mahala  to W. Price
  F/204         John J.         from  E. Steward
  F/257         Absalom         to    Archibald Harris, Sr. heirs
  F/431         "               from  W. Oder
  F/484         Absalom+wf Sally  from  Parker Thompson
  F/488         William         to    John Harris
  F/496         "               from  W.C. Johnsons hrs
  F/572         Absalom         from  W.C. Johnsons hrs
  F/637         J.              from  C. Sechrist
  G/123         Wm.             from  C.B. Johnson
  G/174         J.              to    G.W. Nichols
  G/306         C.              to    R. Elliston
  G/389         Joel + @        to    W.G. Conrad
  G/561         Harrison        to    Willis Marksberry
  H/147         J.J.            from  B.N. Elliston
  H/447         A.              from  L. Myers
  H/448         Wm.             from  L. Myers
  J/399         Harrison+Jeptha to    Kerr+Rankin       mort.
  J/401           "             from       "
  K/23          Wm.             from  John Carnes + @
  K/49          A.              to    S. Doud
  K/202         A.              to    Ben Stewart
  K/362         William         from  Jno. W. Kirby
  K/554         A.              to    Wm. Skirvin
  K/563         Wm.             to    G.W. Ferrell
  K/628         H.+J.           to    Wm. Points
x K/633         C.              from  Scrogin,Skirvin,+Sallee
  K/634         Wm.             and   John Skirvin      agreet.
  K/634         John            and   W. Smith

Grant Co., KY  Deeds  Book E  1841-1845  (SLFHL 0266209)

p174.  Richard Fortner on 24 Nov 1838 filed suit in Grant Co. Circuit Court
  against the heirs of John Skirvin, dec'd ...;  Tract of land conveyed to
  Richard Fortner by A. Vallandingham, commissioner, acting on behalf of the
  heirs of John Skirvin, dec'd.  Deed, 27 Aug 1842, between Master Commissioner
  in behalf of the heirs of said John Skirvin dec'd (towit) Absalom Skirvin,
  Clayton Skirvin, William Skirvin, James Remington and Elizabeth his wife
  (late Skirvin), William Downs and Polly his wife late Skirvin, James Clark
  and Nancy his wife late Skirvin, Lewis M. Simpson and Susan his wife lage
  Skirvin, John Lawless and Peggy his wife late Skirvin, William Chapman and
  Sally his wife late Skirvin, Moses Holiday and Susan<sic> his wife late
  Skirvin, George Skirvin, Joel Skirvin, the unknown infant heirs of Enoch
  Skirvin dec'd by Asa Vallandingham his Guardian adletum and Bazel Owen and
  Lewis M. Simpson of the first party and said Richard Fortner of the second
  part;  Deed produced in court 27 Aug 1842 and recorded 17 Dec 1842.

p472.  1/9/1841 POA;  Joel Skirvin + John Lawless, Adams Co., IL, + heirs
  of John Skirvin dec'd.

Grant Co., KY  Deeds  Book K  1859-1861  (SLFHL 0266212)

p633.  2/8/1858 rec. 10/8/1861;  John G. Scroggin for himself + as
  attorney in fact for H.C. Skirvin of the St. of Missouri + W.W. Sallee
  of Co. of Grant + St. of KY of the 1st part;  Clayton Skirvin of the
  Co. of Gallatin + St. of KY of the 2nd part;  73 acres on Brush + Eagle

Owen Co., KY  Deeds Index 1819-1961  Grantors R-Z  (SLFHL 0272753, SJFHC 5516)

  Year  Grantor                 Grantee               Inst  Book Page  Desc

x 1863  Daniel+William Skirvin+@  William Skirvin       "     P   278  100 A Eagle Cr

Owen Co., KY  Deeds  Book P  1861-1864  (SLFHL 0272761)

p278.  5/8/1863 rec. 5/8/1863;  N.C. Tunis, Daniel Skirvin, Wm. Skirvin,
  + Joseph Jewitt;  Wm. McGibney;  Case in Owen Co. Circ. Court., N.C.
  Tunis plaintiff against Daniel Skirvin, Wm. Skirvin, Joseph Jewitt,
  + Wm. McGibney;  $232.30 for 100 acres on Eagle Cr. in Owen Co. being
  the same land sold to Wm. S. Skirvin by Jas. O'Hara and wife.

Grant Co., KY  Circuit Court Index  1820-1868
        Transcribed at the KY State Archives

  Oct 185   Skirvin, Danl       vs      Nancy Skirvin   106

Grant Co., Kentucky  Court Order Book A l820-1834 (SLFHL 0266216)

July Court 1820
13    7/10/1820  John Skirvin,Senr. allowed to condemn one acre of his land on
                 Fork Lick Creek.

April Court 1822
48     4/8/1822  Absalom Skirvin apptd Justice of the Peace.

January Court 1828
223   1/14/1828  Absalom Skirvin apptd Sheriff.

February Court 1828
224   2/11/1828  Absalom Skirvin took oaths of office of Sheriff.

225   2/11/1828  William Skirvin apptd deputy to Absalom Skirvin.

October Court 1828
242  10/13/1828  John Skirvin apptd adm of estate of Enoch Skirvin,Dec'd.

244  10/14/1828  The last will + testament of Enoch Skirvin produced + proved
                 by Lewis M. Simpson one of the subscribing witnesses.

                 John Skirvin, who had been apptd adm for estate of E. Skirvin,
                 stepped down in favor of William Huffman who is the executor
                 named in the will.

May Court 1832
364   5/14/1832  The last will + testament of John Skirvin,Dec'd produced in
                 court.  Absalam Skirvin + Clayton Skirvin apptd adm of estate
                 of John Skirvin,Dec'd.

February Court 1833
393   2/11/1833  Polley Skirvin mentioned as widow of John Skirvin.

Grant Co., KY Court Order Book B 1834-1845 (SLFHL 0266216)

October Court 1837
155   10/9/1837  Elizabeth Jane Harrison infant orphan of John Harrison,Dec'd
                 above the age of 14 years chose Absalom Skirvin as her

Mexican War Pension Files Index,  Nat. Archives Film T317

Skirvin, Enoch + Eliza, Ore, 3/21/1887  C4523

Kentucky History Illustrated

Ed. 7  p763
  Sarah J. Skirvin (m. John Carnes) dau. of William Skirvin (m. Mahala

The KY Gazette 1787-1800

Vol. VII, #II, 9/28/1793, p81
   John Skervin found a stray near Lexington .
Vol. VIII, #XX, 1/31/1795, p114
   John Skirvin, regarding a bond to Charnock Self in Lexington.

Bio. of Thomas T. Lawless

        Quincy and Adams Co.(IL), Vol. II, The Lewis Pub. Co., Chicago
        and NY, 1919.

   Thomas T. Lawless was born in Grant Co., KY, March 21, 1834, of old VA
stock.  His parents were John and Margaret (Skirvin) Lawless.  When their son
Thomas was two years of age, in 1836, the family came to Adams Co.  John and
his wife died there, he in 1865 and she in 1868.
   Thomas T. Lawless was one of ten children.  In 1862 he enlisted in the
Seventy-Eighth IL Infantry.  He was mustered out in 1865 and had been a POW at
Richmond and at Andersonville.
   Mr. Lawless died Feb. 28, 1897.
   In Dec., 1872 he married Miss Ann M. Ferguson.  Mrs. Lawless was born in
Burton Twp April 11, 1846.  She is a dau. of John and Emily J. (Pollock)
Ferguson, natives of OH, but married in Edina, MO.  Mrs. Lawless has a brother
Russell, married with 3 daus.  Clara, her sister, is the wife of James Lawless
and has 5 sons and 2 daus.  Her sister Helen is the widow of Dr. David Landon
and has a dau.
   Mrs. Lawless is the mother of 3 sons, John Y. the oldest, married Nellie
Wagner and their daus. are Ethel R. and Hazel J.;  Frank Lawless;  Howard
married Mary Grubb and has a dau. Helen J. born in 1914.

Bio. of H.C. Skirvin

        Hist. of Adams Co., IL, Murray, Williamson, & Phelps, Chicago,

   H.C. Skirvin, res. Coatsburg, is the son of Clayton and Rebecca Skirvin;
was born in Gallatin Co., KY June 4, 1825 and married Paulina Thompson.  She
was born in Lewis Co., MO June 1, 1837.  She is the mother of two children:
Ira H. born Dec 23, 1855 and Marian L. born Feb. 17, 1862.  Mr. Skirvin's
father was a native of KY and his mother of TN.  They lived in KY until 1868,
when they both died.

Bio. of Hamilton Skirvin

        Hist. of Adams Co., IL, Murray, Williamson, & Phelps, Chicago,

   Hamilton Skirvin was born in Grant Co., KY Dec. 31, 1822.  He came to this
county in the fall of 1833.  He was married to Eliza Markwell.  She was born
in Flemming Co., KY, 1823.  They have one living child, James H.  They are
members of the Baptist Church (old school);  emigrated from KY to this
immediate neighborhood, where he has resided since.  His father moved into a
little log house with David Harrison, 16x18, and there were from 15 to 20 in
the family.

George Skirvin War of 1812

Pension Papers

        Cert. 8999, Claim No. 2031

3/29/1813       Drafted into Capt. Archibald B. Morrison's Co., Col. Dudley's
                Regiment of KY Militia at Georgetown, KY.

                Was in Battle of Dudley's Defeat, was then captured by Indians.

5/10/1813       Discharged at the Mouth of the Huron River, OH.
or 9/29/1813

1814            Again served, as substitute for Harrison Stableton in Capt.
                James Dudley's Co. under Col. Francisco's Regt. of KY

                Discharged at Urbanna, OH soon after peace was made.

3/14/1871       "Declaration of Surviving Soldier for Pension" filed by
                George Skirvin of Monroe Co., IN, wife is deceased.

4/10/1879       Died, age 86.

Kentucky Ancestors  KY Historical Soc. V19#1 July 1983

Query:  HOLLADAY, SKIRVIN: Celia Skirvin's family was from around
  Lexington, KY.  Celia Skirvin was born 27 April 1779, married in 1810
  to Moses Holladay.  They later lived in Illinois.  Want information
  about Celia's parents.  Mrs. A.J. O'Connor, 240 Chestnut St., Apt. 205,
  Long Beach, CA  90802.

[Corresponded with Mrs. O'Connor]